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Eugene P. Macri Jr.

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There's a pretty simple rule of thumb for fly fishing for Brookies.  Match your equipment to the fish and it's environment.  Personally I don't really like what I call hell-hole fishing.  This is where you must literally destroy the environment to get into some of the streams to fish.  I have no problem with people fishing this way especially with catch and release.  You should realize however, that most of these fish are old.  A 6 inch fish might be 4 or 5 years old.  If you keep these fish you are literally destroying the gene pool of these fish and the brood stock in my estimation.  So step softly on these beautiful little "Creatures of God."

Fly Fishing Equipment For Small Stream Brook Trout

For small streams you may just be dapping and not really casting.  There are two schools of thought on which equipment to use. Some like a long rod and just basically poke it through the brush to drop the fly on the water.  Others prefer 5 to 7 foot fly rods.  On many sections of some of these streams you can get a bow and arrow cast in or a baby roll cast.

You want lines of 2 to 4 weight and leaders around  6 to 9 feet.  Usually, these trout are not leader shy so go with the heaviest tippet you can get away with.  Four x tippets will work on most of these waters.

Any reel will work since you aren't liable to get locomotive in these streams.

Fly Fishing Equipment for Medium and Larger Stream Brook Trout and Ponds and Lakes

Yes, Brook Trout do inhabit larger waters especially out West.  I like long rods of 8.6 to 9 feet for 2 through 6 weights.  Leaders usually of 9 to 12 feet with tippets especially suited for the size of the fly. For example, larger tippets for streamers, nymphs, and larger dries such as 3x to 5x and 6x to 8x for smaller flies including midges which Brookies readily feed upon. Longer rods also come in handy when fishing for Brookies in lakes and ponds whether fishing from shore or out of a canoe or boat.

Fly reels should have a good drag and there are ton of them on the market which are very reasonably priced.

With the exception of fly lines most fly fishing equipment is a better value today than it was 20 to 40 years ago.  You can get quality fly rods and reels for under $!25 dollars today!  I especially like 4 piece rods for travel and I find no difference in them from 2 piece rods.



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