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Brook Trout Thermal Studies

The following studies have been added on temperature and thermal limits of Brook Trout.  With the increasing of global temperatures the global warming problem may doom many Brook Trout streams especially in the Southern Appalachians.  It is unfortunate that many Brook Trout researchers have shyed away from these areas due to politics.  But the fact remains that many Brook Trout streams are doomed.  The combination of global warming, sedimentation, forest removal, and the failure to even remotely enforce the Clean Water Act leave these beautiful little creatures on their way to extinction.

The failure of the scientific community in these matters is alarming.  But considering that most universities in this country are nothing more than corporations no one wishes to rock the boat.  It doesn't make much sense to have an Eastern Brook Trout Venture if these issues won't be properly addressed and attacked. Water temperature is the most important thing when it comes to trout and you don't need to be scientist to figure that out.

American scientists of all types seem to have rolled over when it comes to the effects of global warming, more so than their European counterparts. Nevertheless, we present some good studies on Brook Trout Thermal Limits.



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