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Fly Fishing For Brook Trout:

Guiding And Instruction

I offer genuine instruction in fly fishing and guiding. I've been guiding and instructing fly fisherman for over 35 years. Big Spring Creek in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania offers the angler fly fishing for sophisticated Brook Trout.  These Brookies of the limestone spring creek are wary and tough to catch.  Some of the Brookies in this stream are over 20 inches in length.  There are also rainbows and a few browns with both going into the 25 to 30 inch category.  Big Spring is a tough stream to fish and that's putting it mildly.

I have done more aquatic research on this stream than anyone.  I was a part of the study with Dr. Jack Black that forced the closure of the hatchery and allowed the stream to recover.  This is a world class trout stream.

I also offer guiding and instruction on private waters (freestone streams) that contain brooks, browns, and rainbows.  Also, if you desire private spring fed pond fishing with wild Brookies of over 5 pounds I can provide that too.

My rates are competitive and you are getting a fly fishing guide and instructor with over 35 years experience who is also an aquatic scientist.  You may me reach by email: (ise the form below) or by phone at 717-762-9750.

I will be glad to discuss things with you.  I can also furnish the equipment (rods, reels, line etc.) at no extra charge. I never promise that you'll catch fish because the fishing gods can be against you at anytime.  What I do promise you is to teach you the best methods, techniques, and approaches to make you successful.  Few guides will do this because they want you to come back again and again.  I don't have problem with showing you what you need to fish the stream by yourself on future visits!  I figure you'll tell your friends what you have learned and recommend me.


Fly Fishing Guiding and Instruction with Gene Macri
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